Senior Design Manager based in Indianapolis. Currently helping fleets manage spend at Motive.

With a relentless drive for innovation and an ability to seamlessly merge form and function, I have successfully delivered products across various verticals that have exceeded customer expectations and driven business growth. I thrive collaborating with remote, cross-functional teams to translate complex requirements into remarkable experiences that positively impact lives.

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My areas of focus have ranged from enterprise healthcare, consumer finance, health & beauty, cybersecurity, real estate, B2B SaaS, and legal technology.

Wrapbook is a SaaS platform handling onboarding, timecards, payroll, and insurance for production managers in tv, commercials, and feature film.

During my tenure, I oversaw multiple cross-functional initiatives, standardized practices that scaled design across a variety of product squads and more than 100 engineers.

High Alpha Studio conceives, designs, and launches new B2B enterprise software companies. As a Design Lead, I led product strategy and design execution for five 0-to-1 Studio company launches, including Pillar, Filo, and TheJuice.

(acquired by Cedar in 2021)

Cedar is a consumer-health platform that reduces administrative and billing friction, leading to better outcomes for providers, payers, and the people they serve.

As Design Director, I was responsible for building our design operations and delivering two aggressive product launches in the first year. I also led the design for the core experience of OODAPay, which lives on today as Cedar Pay.

I founded a product design agency called Mighty. It was a digital strategy and design studio where we delivered web and iOS experiences for clients such as: Handsome App, Meta, Indeed, and Kustomer.

While my primary focus was leading our design team, I also ran other critical business operations including, recruiting, hiring, and payroll.

A lil’ about me.

Over the past few years I have immersed myself in the world of hifi audio, building my catalog of vinyl records. I finally worked up the courage to get my first tattoo — which is quickly building into a full sleeve. I’m also an aspiring mixologist dabbling in the finer nuances of classic cocktails.

I'm a proud dog-dad to two mischievous pups and a soon-to-be adoptive dad to two young boys. My wife and I also love to travel. But possibly the most important things to know about me — I love Taylor Swift and I despise pickles.