Senior Design Manager based in Washington, DC. Currently helping fleets manage spend at Motive.

That's what I do now. But you're probably here to better understand what I've done and what I might be able to do for you. Let's read on...

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Experience summary.

My professional journey has been fairly diverse. It all started in graphic design in 2003, but it didn't take long for me to shift gears to digital. I wanted to design things that people could actively engage with, rather than just view. Over the years, I've had the pleasure to have worked with some incredible folks at some amazing companies, like these:

Motive is a technology company connecting and automating physical operations to transform the physical economy. My time here focused primarily on enabling my team to solve problems that reduce fraud and unlock savings.

Wrapbook is a SaaS platform handling onboarding, timecards, payroll, and insurance for production managers in tv, commercials, and feature film.

During my tenure, I oversaw multiple cross-functional initiatives, standardized practices that scaled design across a variety of product squads and more than 100 engineers.

High Alpha Studio conceives, designs, and launches new B2B enterprise software companies. As a Design Lead, I led product strategy and design execution for five 0-to-1 Studio company launches, including Pillar, Filo, and TheJuice.

(acquired by Cedar in 2021)

Cedar is a consumer-health platform that reduces administrative and billing friction, leading to better outcomes for providers, payers, and the people they serve.

As Design Director, I was responsible for building our design operations and delivering two aggressive product launches in the first year. I also led the design for the core experience of OODA Pay, which lives on today as Cedar Pay.

My case study on OODA Pay is available to read.

I founded a product design agency called Mighty. It was a digital strategy and design studio where we delivered web and iOS experiences for clients such as: Meta, Indeed, and Kustomer.

While my primary focus was leading our design team, I also ran other critical business operations including, recruiting, hiring, and payroll.

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A lil’ about me.

Over the past few years I have immersed myself in the world of hifi audio, building my catalog of vinyl records. I recently worked up the courage to get my first tattoo — which quickly expanded into a full sleeve. And in the summer of '23, I finally purchased my first motorcycle (a dream really since high school).

I'm a proud dog-dad to two mischievous pups and an aspiring mixologist dabbling in the finer nuances of classic cocktails. My wife and I also love to travel. But possibly the most important things to know about me — I love Taylor Swift and I despise pickles.